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“A person who promises a gift but doesn’t give it is like clouds and wind that bring no rain.” Proverbs 25:14 NLT
This year our landlord put new sod down on our yard. It looked great but required twice a day watering to get established. The thing is that we don’t have a working sprinkler system. So, we prayed for rain!  It was one of the driest months in Texas in a while. We would hear of rain; the weather would predict it but it just didn’t come.  We had to continually adjust our schedule to water the lawn by hand. This proverb hit home for us; we were continually expecting rain but were continually disappointed.
In a small way we understood what it is like to wait for something that is promised but doesn’t come.
It is wonderful to give good gifts, it is detrimental to promise gifts that are never given.
This week, as much as it is up to you, be true to your word. Be the giver of good gifts.  Don’t be the giver of unnecessary disappointment.
In His Hands,