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Ears to hear and eyes to see— both are gifts from the Lord.” Proverbs 20:12 NLT
God is indeed the giver of good gifts. Let us be thankful for the gifts He has given us to hear and see. 
Pause and thank God for the gifts of being able to hear and see. 
Just this week I had the pleasure of visiting a zoo. The sights and sounds are a display of the complexity and creativity of our God in this world. Sights and sounds in the wild are not just for communication, they are necessary for survival. 
If you are able to read this devotion now, and you are able to hear the sounds around you, think about how valuable these gifts are to you. 
Pause and thank God for those gifts of hearing and seeing. 
Hearing and sight are two incredible gifts that God has given us. And as we are made in His image, we can use them not only for communication and survival, but also for contemplating and enjoying the world He created.
We have an enemy of our souls that would have us to misuse our gifts and use them for sinful purposes instead. Let it not be so. Let us use these gifts for our good and God’s glory. 
This week pause and thank God for those gifts of hearing and seeing. 
In His Hands,