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“Loyalty makes a person attractive. It is better to be poor than dishonest.” Proverbs 19:22 NLT
Have you heard those words of advise, the ones that seem appealing at first, but have a darker side. “You gotta look out for number one”, “You have to do what you have to do to get ahead”, “Sometimes you have to cut some corners”. But what can sound appealing as a slogan can have detrimental results in application. Context is important. 
Context is also important when talking about a person who is attractive. In our culture being attractive has taken on many different meanings; from clothing to hairstyle, from complexion to physique, and from position to possessions, but the most significant meaning comes not from our media, but from the Word of God. In the kingdom loyalty makes a person attractive. 
Living in dishonesty and selfishness might be a method of obtaining those positions or possessions, but it is bound to lead not to fellowship but to emptiness. If all you ever concern yourself with is you, eventually you will only have you to show for it. 
We might watch the lifestyles of the rich and famous and think that those position or possessions is what makes one attractive, but the truth is that attractiveness comes from the inside. You might be able to gather a group of people by giving away money, but you will gather real friends by being loyal and honest. Loyalty and honesty are two foundations for lasting relationships and a meaningful life. 
You might be thinking now, “why would I want to be attractive, isn’t that selfish?” Good question and please don’t be mistaken. This verse isn’t a support for vanity and how we look, but it is counsel on how to be the best version of who God created us to be.  When you are the best person God has created you to be, the purpose isn’t to draw people to yourself, but rather so that your life would be used to draw others to the Lord. 
This week let loyalty and honesty be attractive traits in your life. 
In His Hands,