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"Let Me Know if You Need Anything"

“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.” Proverbs 17:17 NLT
“Let me know if you need anything.“  Another common expression, but too often it is just an expression without execution. What do I mean?  The statement may come from the best of intentions and is expressing a willingness to help.  The problem becomes that with the offer comes a shift of responsibly to the intended recipient.  They are tasked with following up to ask for specific help. The follow up ask seldom occurs, and consequently help is not provided. 
Missing the opportunity to help is of greater consequence than unmet needs. It is a consequence of missing a part of our purpose. We were born for this. Let me explain. 
Two things jump out at me when reading this week’s verse. 
Always loyal, and born to help. 
The phrases answer a couple of probing questions. 
When should we be loyal?  And why were we born?
When should we be loyal? 
A friend should always be loyal. Not just when it is convenient, not when just when it is easy, and not just for a little while. A friend should always be loyal. Loyalty then should become a lifestyle, not an event. 
Why were you born? 
One of the reasons that you are here is to help in time of need. We were born to help. It should be in our nature to look for opportunities to help and it should also be a part of our nature to receive help that is being offered. 
Help is a two sided transaction.  Giving and receiving.  Providing help is more than a casual sentence, it depends on engagement and understanding the needs of others. It is helping to meet needs without being asked.  And on the flip side, self-sufficiency and pride will cause some to refuse help. Refusing help allows needs to go unmet and denies others the opportunity to fulfill what they were born to do. 
Too often the words “let me know if you need anything” remain unacted upon. Whenever possible we should think to offer specific help, and those that have needs should be certain to communicate them. We were born for this. Let us all fulfill our calling. 
In His Hands,