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“A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands bribes destroys it.” Pro 29:4 NLT

What makes a nation stable?  According to this proverb, the thing that makes any nation stable is when that nation has a king who enforces justice.  This is not exactly an easy thing to understand because in our day justice is not measured in biblical terms. 

True justice deals with just laws and justice meted out on the basis of truth and evidence.  When one has proven to have acted unjustly, they are given the appropriate punishment for their actions.  This works very well until the situation arises where a man within the system of justice is willing to receive a bribe.  The money blinds them to justice.  In a moment of time – the bribe overthrows the entire system of justice and righteousness – and soon “so-called justice” goes to the highest bidder.  

The king could change all this – if he is the kind of man who desires justice first.  He can give a wonderful stability to his kingdom if he stands for righteousness in all that he does.  He will not take a bribe, because he fears God and realizes that even his own position is a trust from God.  Knowing these things – he dispenses justice and righteousness to those in his kingdom – and does so with no respect to persons.  Oh, the stability this gives to his kingdom and to the subjects within it.  If money cannot change a man’s mind – if it cannot blind a man to the laws which are written – that is a blessed land indeed.  The people – the commerce – the homes will enjoy great peace and prosperity because of the honesty and integrity with which the king administers all things within its borders.  

We would be wise to learn this lesson in our current situation.  Too often legislation is made due to the influence of “special interest groups.”  These groups offer various things to our legislators to influence them on the kind of legislation they support. What they often offer is contributions – large contributions to a candidate or an incumbent member of the House or Senate.  By accepting this money from special interest groups and other lobbyists, these legislators often choose to vote according to who is giving them money – rather than according to their constituent’s good.  These kinds of things have the effect of quietly overthrowing our system   They overthrow it because the system is no longer based upon truth – but it becomes based upon who can produce the biggest bribe.  In the end, the real problem becomes the total lack of integrity in those who lead – which in turn awards leadership, not to those whose character and integrity will give light to the people – but rather to the one who is the biggest crook with the biggest wallet.  Blessed is the nation whose leaders function according to laws – who enforce laws – and who even enforce them on those in leadership.  It is when the people can see the written laws and see them applied to everyone justly that a nation has true stability.  Otherwise, men will do what is right in their own eyes – or – as the case is made here, in the eyes of whoever is offering them the most money in a bribe.

This week, make a decision to actively be a part of the solution and stand up for righteousness.

In His Hands,


Note: God’s timing is amazing!  I began writing this weekly devotion in 2019, just about 5 years ago making our way through the book of Proverbs.  I have missed the occasional week, and I have not covered every single verse.  This week I am amazed at the timing given what is going on in our nation.  Again, I don’t intend to be political, but God’s Word is always true and the fallen nature of man has not changed in thousands of years.  Thank you to those of you who support this ministry, it has been a joy to continue on this journey through Proverbs.  If you have been enjoying these devotions, please consider a donation to help them continue.

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