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“The Lord detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales.”
Proverbs 20:23 NLT
The “scales of justice” are depicted by a woman holding scales when she is blindfolded. It is intended to represent the impartiality of the judge. Not judging based upon appearance but upon the merits of a case. In a perfect t world, justice would be achieved by the discovery of truth and then fair judgment. But we are all too familiar with methods, tactics and lies to do whatever it takes change the decisions to favor one side or another. The Lord detests double standards and dishonest scales. 
You have heard the expression, and maybe even quoted it a time or tow.  “The end justifies the means”, it is a phrase of Machiavelli that intimates that wrong or unfair methods may be used if the overall goal is good. We excuse our greed by claiming that the “end justifies the means” I want to remind you that just because someone said it, or even if it becomes popular, it is not necessarily true. 
This phrase an attempt to make doing something wrong seem like the right thing to do. 
God will never ask you to take a step in the wrong direction to get to the right place. 
The end does not justify the means if it includes sin. Do whatever it takes to pursue righteousness, but do it through hard work and integrity, not through dishonesty. 
In His Hands,