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“Like an archer who wounds everyone is one who hires a passing fool or drunkard.” Proverbs 26:10 ESV
The careless archer fires without regard for the consequences of where the arrow will land.  Good or bad, they leave the results to chance.  So too those that engage someone in a task that they know to be irresponsible.
There is a big difference between taking a chance and leaving it to chance.
If you place your trust in another for a task, you take a chance when you don’t really know their capabilities. You work with them and then hope for the best.
When you knowingly trust a fool with your task, you leave the outcome to chance. And instead of hoping for the best you prepare for the worst.
Wisdom comes not from managing circumstances, but in carefully selecting responsible people to trust with your tasks.
This week be careful in who you choose to place your trust.
In His Hands,