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“Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.” Proverbs 27:1 NLT
One of the most precious, and often neglected resources that we have is time. Each day we are all given another 24 hours, and after each hour passes it is no more. The number of our days on this earth are limited and as such no one but the Lord knows what tomorrow holds. The Psalmist prayed to the Lord that He would teach us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Ps 90:12)
There was a movie years ago called In Time, where the currency was not money or material goods, but it was time. You were paid in time, you paid expenses with time and when time was up you were no more. While the movie was science fiction, the message was clear, time was the most valuable resource.
One of Satan’s favorite lies is to try to convince us that we have more time. In other words, “there is time to get serious later”. Satan tries to convince us to delay something so that it never gets started or completed. This is particularly true in relationships. The enemy wants us disconnected from the Lord and to be at odds with those around us and tries to convince us that there is more time to be reconciled.
This week, be a good steward of your time and spend it wisely to be in right relationship with the Lord and others.
In His Hands,