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Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.” Proverbs 23:12 NLT
Commit yourself to instruction. Wise words. What does commit look like to you?
Surveys say that by this time of the year, most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned. The best of intentions get neglected and change does not occur. I want to suggest to you that committing to something goes beyond just stating an intention or goal. “I want to be better at eating healthy, exercising, or reading” is the goal of many, but one that frequently remains a thought rather than an action. 
I want to suggest a simple method of improving in any area that you are thinking of. Track it. 
Track it?  Yes, it was Peter Drucker who wisely observed; “What gets measured, gets improved.” 
Anything you track will improve. Whether it be keeping a food log, using an exercise app, or keeping track of your reading, the action of tracking in and of itself will bring improvement. You become more mindful of your actions when you track them, and mindfulness will equate to progress.
While I believe that being a lifelong learning is both a gift and a responsibility, a few years ago I allowed circumstances and distractions to keep me from reading as I once did. Then I was introduced to the Good Reads app.  I set a yearly goal, tracked my reading progress and found that true to Drucker’s observation, I improved and read more than ever before. 
If you are struggling with making progress in an area of your life, track it. And if you decide that reading is an area that you want to improve, send me a friend request on Good Reads at I would love to see what your goals are and what books you are enjoying. 
This week, set a goal, stay engaged, and commit to learning.
In His Hands,