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“Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but the wise will calm anger.”  Pro 29:8 NLT

Mockers are an amplified version of fools.  They are the worst offenders, they are so settled in their combative, cynical rejection of God that they may bring the judgement of God on their entire community.  Mocking is often contagious and can wind up pulling even good people in the wrong direction.

Mockers in America are setting our nation aflame.  Hopefully before our nation bursts into mutually hated political groups – racial groups – and economic groups, we will have wise men rise up who will turn away our anger and propose solutions for our nation – without all the incendiary rhetoric.

When men reject God and His Word – bad things happen.  When the hiss of their viper-like philosophies begins to catch the world around them on fire – the end game makes for destruction on a scale that is hard to comprehend. 

Wise men know that such passions are rottenness in men’s bones.  Their desire is to be the sons of God who are peacemakers.  They seek to turn away wrath – knowing that these passions when loosed are like pandora’s box.  They are difficult, if not impossible to recapture.  All of Europe was set on fire by the twin philosophies of Nazism and Fascism.  The world has yet to see the full damage that has resulted from the godless political philosophy of Communism.  Wise men will do all that they can to expose these false philosophies for what they are – the dangerous fires of scoffers who desire to set an entire city – if not an entire country aflame. 

But . . . a wise man will turn away wrath. These wise men – as they watch the Spirit of God convict men of their sin – show them Jesus Christ – and grant them repentance and faith – turn away wrath one person at a time. 

This week, do what you can to make Jesus known to those around you.

In His Hands,


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