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“Lazy people take food in their hand but don’t even lift it to their mouth.” Proverbs 19:24 NLT
This almost doesn’t seem possible, yet we find it here in the book that is filled with wisdom. Someone is hungry, has food in their hands, but doesn’t lift it to their mouth’s. Not because of some type of some restriction, lack of function, or prevention by an outside force, but because they are lazy. It is difficult to imagine that a person would go hungry for lack of initiative to lift food to their mouths. They have all they need to do so, except the will to do it. 
If they don’t take initiative instead of sustaining their lives, they would begin to perish simply by not using what is in their hands. While we can’t imagine the scenario where this plays out, I want to suggest to you that many of us fall into the same trap. Maybe it isn’t with food, but many of us don’t use what God has placed in our hands. 
What has God placed in your hands for you to use? What skill or ability has God given you, that you simply don’t use. It may be that very thing would bring fulfillment to your life, or add value to the life of another person. 
Do you have gifts in music, administration, speaking, teaching, specific skill, physical stamina?  The list could be endless. 
This week ask God to reveal to you what He has placed in your hand to use. 
In His Hands,