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A Dry Morsel is Better

Better is a dry morsel with quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.” Proverbs 17:1 ESV

A dry morsel and quiet.  One is for the stomach, the other for the soul. 

Which is better?  A stomach satisfied with a dry morsel in a quiet house, or a stomach that is filled with a feast in a house filled with strife. 

There is nothing special or grand about a dry morsel, not much attention given to it, but the level of contentment is amplified by the surrounding conditions; quiet. And by reference, peace. In that environment the satisfaction goes deeper than mere satiated hunger; the satisfaction resides in the soul. Enough food to quiet the stomach, enough quiet to nurture the soul, with the combination providing peace. 

The contrast once again is striking. Feasting with strife. The stomach is filled by the feast, but the soul is disturbed by the strife. Sounds like a recipe for indigestion. Scientist are just now confirming the truths that the Bible proclaimed long ago. Some calorie restrictions are good for us and a satisfied soul is good for your health. 

Feasting and strife isn’t good for anyone except for the heartburn medicine suppliers. 

This week avoid strife and find the match of contentment for your stomach and contentment for your soul

In His Hands,