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The wicked bluff their way through, but the virtuous think before they act.” Proverbs 21:29 NLT
Bluffing may be most closely associated with the game of poker in our day. You can watch the World Series of Poker, where bluffing, posturing and distraction are all a part of the game. Bluffing might make for good TV and for some it might even be temporarily profitable, but it isn’t a way to live.
Bluffing in a card game is one thing, pretending to be someone you are not is another. There may be situations where the tendency may be to exaggerate, deny, or mislead others to make ourselves look better. But that better look isn’t real. It is a bluff. 
The virtuous think before they act. They think before they speak, and they stay true to who God has created them to be. 
There is only one you in the entire universe. Be the best that you can be. Think before you act, tell the truth, and love like never before.
In His Hands,