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“Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without wise advice.” Proverbs 20:18 NLT
We were designed by our creator to live in community. Godly community is more than potlucks and camping trips, it is also about accountability and counsel. There are occasional times that God may impress upon us a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom independent of community, but because our hearts can be deceived, there is great value in validating our plans through godly counsel. 
There is also a difference between gaining counsel and building consensus. You can always find people to agree with you if you look hard enough, but having trusted advisors that will give you godly counsel will help your plans to succeed for your good and God’s glory. 
A war is composed of many battles. While you can do whatever you want, those battles are best fought being in community and seeking godly counsel. 
Community and counsel are necessary elements of a life well lived. 
In His Hands,