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Exposure Warning!

“An evildoer listens to wicked lips, and a liar gives ear to a mischievous tongue.” Proverbs 17:4 ESV
We might come to a passage like the one we read this week, and think; (whether in gratitude or pride), “that is them, not me”.  Or we might linger on the verse a little longer and consider the behavior of those that are evildoers and liars. Both responses may be appropriate, but I want to suggest to you that you also need to consider the effects of exposure. 
Some thoughts to consider: Evildoers listen to wicked lips, but does listening to wicked lips draw someone to doing evil? Liars give ear to a mischievous tongue, but is giving an ear to a mischievous tongue a catalyst for being a liar. Does exposure impact behavior, I think it can. 
Consider the story in the gospel of Mark chapter 6:14-29 where Herodias asks for and receives the head of John the Baptist on a platter. If you are not familiar with it. Please take a moment to read it. There are any lessons to be considered from that passage, but for the purposes of this devotion, the thing that is most striking to me is what is not written there. There is no record of the horror or repulsion of the scene. A head on a silver platter and no record of a shocked reaction, how could that be?!  Apparently in that day, it may have been common enough that people were desensitized to it. Likely they had digressed because of a progressive response to the exposure to evil. 
Progressive responses to the exposure to evil:
Wailing – the initial emotional and intellectual response to the tragedy of evil. 
With increased exposure turns to:
Warning – no longer an emotional response, but an intellectual understanding of a wrong
With increased exposure turns to:
Watching – more of a curiosity than a response, maybe even entertaining 
With increased exposure turns to:
Wanting – a desire has developed and rather than just watching there is a desire to participate 
Back to our verse, 
This week, make the decision to limit your exposure to evil and lies. 
In His Hands,