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“Many seek favors from a ruler; everyone is the friend of a person who gives gifts!” Proverbs 19:6 NLT
Last week we talked about imitation and genuine treasures. Money may be able to gather people around you, but it may draw those who are looking to get “things” rather than a relationship.
This week’s Proverb is related and speaks of the favor that may be obtained through giving of gifts. Gift giving is not a bad thing, in fact it is one of the love languages for some. But the heart of giving is what may be misaligned. 
When giving gifts, the determination of value  becomes a question of motivation. Is the purpose to bless, win affection, get something in return, or is it from a heart of gratitude? The distinction might be found in understanding the relationship between giving and getting. 
There is a progression we can find through the word association:
Getting to get – “I don’t give at all, instead look to what I can get .”
Giving to get – “I give to get something like in return.”
Giving to give – “I give out of obligation or out of ritual.” 
Getting to give – “I give joyfully and count it a privilege to be able to do so expecting nothing in return.” 
This week as we all start getting ready for a season of gift giving, ask yourself which one are you?  And then nurture a heart that “gets to give.” 
In His Hands,