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“A greedy man stirs up strife, but the one who trusts in the LORD will be enriched.”  Pro 28:25 ESV

When we approach any new situation, we choose how we approach it.  The arrogant person approached it with strife, the godly with trust.  Are we going to be filled with strife, or are we going to trust?


A wise man knows that arrogance and pride are always evil. There are not many things we can say are wrong always – but this is one of them. God said in James that He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Embrace pride and you will embrace resistance to God’s will and ways.

What we learn here about the arrogant man is that he stirs up strife. This is because the arrogant man considers himself right and first at all times and in all things. His pride will not allow him to consider others before himself.  An arrogant man will not humble himself. He will resist confessing sin – or even the thought of him doing something wrong. He will not serve others – but will demand that others serve him. He will not follow leadership – because he wants to lead – and then wants no one to question his leadership. His very demeanor will stir up strife among others who will react to his arrogant ways.

What is portrayed against this strife-causing arrogance is a man who trusts in the Lord. He looks to God and relies on God’s work in people’s hearts and minds. As a result, he does not have to have his own way. He does not view others as a threat. He can serve them and place himself lower than all others because ultimately, he knows that God is sovereign over all things.

When we are arrogant and feel like we need to defend ourselves and get what our rights deserve . . . those actions will lead to strife. It is when we trust the Lord and lay down our rights that we will prosper. It is not when we take up the crown but when we embrace the servant’s towel that we will prosper.


This week, trust the Lord in every circumstance and become a servant to others. Allow the Lord to prosper you – and then use that prosperity to bring glory to God.

In His Hands,



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