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“Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.” Proverbs 23:23 ESV
What would you buy and never sell?  Obviously, things that are of value and things that could not be replaced.
You should buy four things this week, and no store carries them. You need all four, or you are not prepared for success in life. You will get in certain trouble. They are truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding. Do you want them? What will you pay for them? If you are offered riches to buy these four things from you, will you sell them? Do not!
There is only one way to buy something – pay for it. So, buying the truth requires paying a price for it. All buying requires ranking your desires, for no one can afford everything. You spend your limited resources by the priorities you set. And here Solomon tells you to put truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding at the top of the list.
Once you buy truth, do not sell it to anyone – keep it. Others will try to buy it from you. How? By offering you pleasures or distraction that take you from truth. The world will do what it can to get you to play their games until you are a fool like them without any wisdom. Do not let anyone propose a higher goal for your life than these four things.
What is the cost? Truth may cost you a few relationships, for most prefer lies, superstition, and tradition. Wisdom will cost you ease, for only fools believe and do anything they wish. Instruction will cost you pride, for you must accept correction from others. And understanding will cost you peace, for you will know the world’s insanity.
Are there other costs? Yes, pleasure steals time for learning, so give up some of it. Riches steal time, for you must work extra hard in your effort to get them.  These four things come by dedication and diligent labor, so you will have to pay the price of effort and time.
This week purpose to increase in truth, wisdom, instruction and wisdom. These things are worth the price to obtain them, and so valuable that you should never “sell them” or let them go.
In His Hands,

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